Human Bean Northern Colorado COVID-19 Response

The Human Bean has always been dedicated to all those we serve: our baristas, customers and community alike. During these uncertain times, we promise to continually earn your trust by prioritizing the necessary changes during COVID-19 to ensure a healthy and safe environment.

All of our Northern Colorado locations are still open!

We are following all mandates and CDC recommendations.
Here are the measures we are currently taking across all of our northern Colorado locations.

What we are doing to keep you and our staff safe

  • Less Baristas working inside to allow for required social distancing.
  • Only one barista is handling payment while other baristas are stationed front or back to maintain social distancing and reduce cross-contamination.
  • We are wearing masks, hand washing, and sanitizing each station throughout the day and every evening.

Request for patience and understanding during increased wait times

We have put changes in place to meet new standards and regulations. This ensures our locations remain a safe and healthy establishment for all, but we recognize it may also negatively impacts wait times and offerings. As an employer we are responsible for the safety of our team and we have chosen to make sacrifices in efficiency to provide our baristas with the proper social distancing internally. We understand the strain and frustration that added waits can have; as a business built on speed and efficiency, these changes are challenging to us as well.

We ask for extra patience and grace as restrictions have led to a reduced number of baristas on duty at peak times and the additional cleaning measures are requiring more time between transactions. Our team is working as quickly as possible to serve you in a timely fashion, but their priority is on health and safety first. We look forward to returning to our usual efficient systems just as soon as possible, in the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding!

Adjusted Hours of Operation

All of our northern Colorado location are still open, although with adjusted hours. Our current hours of operation are

Monday and Tuesday: 5am-7pm
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 5am-10pm
Saturday: 5am-7pm
Sunday: 6am-7pm

We have always been dedicated to the cleanliness of our locations, but we are increasing our cleaning protocols and safety precautions across the board to exceed Health Department standards.

Drive-thru only

During this time, our walk up window is temporarily closed, if you arrive in a vehicle please utilize the drive thru. We will continue to embrace flexibility where we can! Should you arrive by walking or biking from a distance, we may serve you at our drive-thru window, we do ask that you help us in our safety efforts and remain at a distance from the window while you wait for your order.

Hand-free payment options through The Human Bean App

The Human Bean App is available to iPhone and Android users in the App Store. Use the app to pay and receive rewards for your purchase. Learn more about how to download The Human Bean app on our website.

Our response when we encounter a positive COVID case 

Even with internal measures that drastically reduce the risk of exposure for our barista and customers, there may be times when a barista tests positive for COVID due to exposure from an outside source or other daily activities. 

It has been our response to overreact to any positive COVID case, or even suspected positive COVID case, with extreme caution. We push safety at every turn and do so because we care so deeply that our customers and baristas’ trust us to provide an environment that is safe. If we receive news of a positive case among our baristas we will temporarily close any affected locations in order to undergo professional cleaning by a third party. Each barista exposed to a positive COVID case, from an internal or external source, is immediately pulled from further shifts until they undergo a 2 week quarantine. With a reduced team, we may have no choice but to close for extended periods or operate at reduced hours. We will always make decisions that we believe ensure the safety and well being of our team and customers, often exceeding Health Department and CDC recommendations; we rather overreact.

Each event requires a unique response based on the scenario and the newest information. Please check our Facebook page for our most recent updates and any necessary adjustments to hours.

It is times of stress that expose the greatness of truly wonderful people and communities. We have always felt the love and support of our community but today we are more grateful than ever to be a part of northern Colorado. Thank you for your patience, grace and understanding during these times.


And thank you most of all, for allowing us to continue to serve you!