Guest Barista Application Now Open!

We at The Human Bean Northern Colorado strive to make an impact in our local community. As a locally-owned and operated business serving northern Colorado, we have the privilege of connecting our amazing customers to local non-profits through our Guest Barista Days, and other fundraising efforts. Guest Barista Days are designed as way to give back to the community that we love to be a part of in a fun and creative way. 

A Guest Barista Day at The Human Bean offers your organization a captivated, and caring audience where you can let our customers know more about your non-profit. A key piece is that we don’t just host non-profit board member or directors, we let organizations send us their best community voice to make the most of this day. Our staff will take care of the “work” part of making drinks; while you engage customers providing them with valuable information about your organization and thank them for coming by to see you and support your organization. You will be able to interact with each car and give them insight into your non-profit and how it serves the community.

During each Guest Barista Day The Human Bean Northern Colorado will donate 10% of sales from the location hosting the event back to your organization, as well as provide a platform for cash donations through our “Fill the Cup” campaign. 

We do ask that if you are selected for a Guest Barista day that you share the efforts in marketing this big day to help ensure it is successful!  Our customers are AWESOME but encouraging folks from the organization, and your circle of family, friends, & neighbors will only help your day.  We will help design marketing material for social media and online newsletters, you will be responsible for printing any hard copies of the flyers.

Are you interested in Guest Barista Opportunities with The Human Bean Northern Colorado for your organization or non-profit? We are now taking applications to fill our 2022 Guest Barista Calendar.

Guest Barista Applications are open from July 1, 2021 to November 30, 2021. Our team reviews the applications in December and we will reach out to selected organizations in January. 

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

To apply for a Guest Barista day please make sure your group aligns with these requirements:

  • 501(c)3 nonprofit status with a tax ID #
  • Operate within northern Colorado and serve the northern Colorado community
  • Be willing to aide in the marketing of the Guest Barista Day via their own social media platforms, newsletter and contacts. (Email blast, Facebook, website, posters in office, etc.)
  • Select energetic and dynamic individuals from your nonprofit to be Guest Baristas so they can best engage with Human Bean customers
  • Bring promotional materials to hand out on the selected Guest Barista Day
  • Have a call-to-action – “donate blood”…”adopt a cat/dog”…”attend an event”
  • Note: To maintain social distancing, Guest Baristas stay outside of our building and will chat with customers that are in line.

***If your group does not fit into the requirements of a Guest Barista day we do offer other means to donate and support – please fill out the donation form

Please fill out our Guest Barista Application to be considered for our 2022 Guest Barista Day Opportunities.

Please note that we are accepting applications for Guest Baristas to join us in 2022.