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Who we are ...

Experience the bean.

The Human Bean Northern Colorado is locally owned and operated. Coffee is where we start, but community is our heart. Check out the link below for information on our upcoming events to see how we are connecting our community!



Check out our monthly Guest Barista Days for an opportunity to connect with local non-profit advocates and members in a new way, as they help us serve your daily coffee.


Thankful Thursdays

It takes a lot to make northern Colorado the incredible community it is. Which is why we have set aside the 3rd Thursday in each month to say Thank You! Follow our blogs to learn about our monthly Thankful Thursdays!


Strawless Lids

We made the switch to strawless lids on our coffee cups in November 2019. Metrics are showing over 20% reduction in straw use. Thank you northern Colorado for being committed to alleviating the waste in our community.


Lil' Beans

We strive to be a coffee stand that human 'beans' of all sizes can enjoy! Our special Lil' Beans Menu is sure to have something your little ones will love.

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